Hello dear agents.

We hasten to inform you of a joyful event. The financial department of Atlantic Global Asset Management has entered into a new partnership agreement with the electronic payment service Ethereum, which facilitates the work of Atlantic Global Asset Management clients with their accounts.

We always pay much attention to electronic payment services and always offer our clients only those that have proved to be the most convenient, reliable and safe.

Now you can enter and withdraw money from your personal account in Atlantic Global Asset Management using the new method of electronic financial transactions Ethereum, with a full set of payment instruments and a high level of protection.

Our innovation is the new, most comfortable conditions for working with Atlantic Global Asset Management, which allow all our customers to use their accounts even more conveniently and safely. In the future, Atlantic Global Asset Management plans to expand partnerships with new services that will further facilitate the work and relationship between Atlantic Global Asset Management and its customers.

Congratulations and thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards, Atlantic Global Asset Management.