Opening an Office

The Affiliate/agent who is willing to open his own representative office is entitled to use the financial support provided by Questra World in the amount of up to 500 Euros for the opening of the office during the first month and 300 euros on its maintenance every following month. For registration of the office and the conditions of compliance with the corporate identity of Questra World the agent has a right to use advertising and other materials provided to him by the holding on the official site.
The decision to open an individual counseling office can be accepted be the agent who has reached the 4th level and above in the career ladder, and does not require a conclusion of the agreement between the holding and the representative office. If you dont know what is the Career ladder ,click on Tab AFFILIATES

Individual counseling office has simplified system of work, that is why it does not cooperate directly with the head office and is holding a partial package of powers, financial and operation support.
Financial holding Questra World provides financial support for the opening of the office on a regular basis in case when the agent provides information that confirms any other financial or operational support of the individual consultative office, until the moment of its recertification and assignment of the category of “Agency”.

Recommendations for an Office

footprint of 40m2;
design of the premises should be in accordance with the corporate style of the company;
presence of furniture in good condition, with no elements of home decor;
presence of the showcase with the samples of the company’s products of Questra World;
presence of signboard with the company name Questra World;
a clear timetable representation indicating weekdays and hours of work. Actual timetable representation should be at least 5 (five) working days, with the total number of 40 hours within one calendar week;
presence of a computer, printer, scanner, fixed or mobile phone;

presence of a permanent channel of the Internet.